The Corys Environment Difference

Corys Environment pursues a distinctive strategy

A Unique Investor of Choice

We have a long-term horizon and experience of the sector. While all our projects have solid rationale backing them, our broad perspective makes us consider factors besides pure numbers. Our role is thus similar to a PE fund, but with a lot more flexibility: we can step into opportunities at a very early stage and deploy capital to projects of different tenures, values and risk profiles. Meanwhile, our entrepreneurial mindset allows for quicker and more flexible decision-making.

A Diverse Investment Range

We look for capital-intensive projects of up to $500 million in size, with secured and preferably sovereign-backed stable cash flow. We also show interest in smaller opportunities within our scope of interest that banks, usual finance or industry players may shy away from, and we pursue creative solutions to make these projects competitive. We have access to and maintain a privileged and quality deal flow through strategic partnerships, and are able to deploy capital through project financing and acquisition.

A Partner Beyond Investing

We partner with some of the world’s biggest power and water companies, a testament to our depth of experience in the sector. We are part of the same ecosystem, enhancing our competencies with experts from more mature markets who are at the forefront of innovation, and bring skills and experience in creatively structuring solutions so that we can add recognisable value beyond our capital investment.

A Well-Established Presence

We work hand in hand with our partners, who value the strength of our local knowledge in the UAE and the wider region to help integrate them into the local financial and business community. This region is where are roots are, and we demonstrate loyalty and commitment to jobs and community; as such, providing solutions to local challenges is absolutely a part of our sector strategy. Sustainability is part of the vision of the leadership, and we are committed to supporting projects that fulfil this mission. We are interested in investment opportunities aligned with this investment strategy, in the following segments:

Waste: Collection, Sorting, Recycling, Treatment, Landfill
Water: Desalination, Water and Wastewater treatment solutions
Power: Generation, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency